Review of the best Fastcomet hosting company 2021

Introduction to Fast Comet
Fastcomet hosting is one of the best hosting companies suitable for sites targeting Arab countries, because Fastcomet provides servers in Germany, which is one of the countries closest to the Arab countries and was able to provide high connection speed for sites that serve Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Emirates and other Arab countries.

Here we present to you our Fastcomet hosting review by the numbers and the results of the real tests we have done from our work and our actual experience with Fastcomet.

Fastcomet was founded in 2013 in front of giant and famous hosting companies.
It started as a nascent company, but in recent years it was able to prove itself and build a good reputation, especially because of the possession of many servers around the world, the quality of its service, the quality of technical support and its experience in solving problems of customer sites.

Why is FastComet different from any other hosting company?
FastComet is very concerned with the quality of service, by providing technologies and specifications that you will only see in the most expensive hosts.
FastComet has servers in Europe, Asia and Australia, in addition to servers in America, which makes it excellent for hosting Arab websites, unlike most large companies that are satisfied with American servers.
In the evaluation of Fast Comet, we gave technical support the highest degree because it is one of the best levels that we have dealt with, both in terms of speed and professionalism in solving problems and gaining customer satisfaction.
The pricing system is clear and free from any surprises, server specifications and the limits of each plan are clear and announced.
Fast Comet
FastComet Review hosting pros and cons
1- Fast servers spread all over the world (a very important point)
When the distance between the hosting server and the site visitor decreases, the site speed increases.

When I measured the speed of a WordPress site on the FastComet server in Frankfurt, the site loaded after just 407 milliseconds.

Fastcomet servers in Germany are the main reason why we evaluate FastComet hosting as one of the best Arab web hosting companies.

FastComet has servers in 8 countries around the world, which makes it one of the best web hosting solutions targeting Europe, Asia and of course the Arab countries.

Fastcomet hosting is one of the best hosts capable of serving Arabic websites. FastComet servers in Germany in particular were able to provide excellent speed measurements for sites serving Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

2- Distinguished server technologies to provide the best speed
The servers in FastComet “starting with the Speed ​​Up package” are equipped with site acceleration techniques that you will not find in other companies except in the VPS packages and above.
Technologies such as Varnich Cache, Meme Cahce, SPDY, and Http2 Protocoles.

3- More clear hosting in its prices and services
The worst thing in the hosting market is the lack of transparency in the method of pricing and displaying package prices in most companies.
Most of the companies that will receive you at attractive prices on the main page will offer you a very large renewal price compared to the price of booking the first time.

And here comes the most important feature of FastComet. The displayed price is the price you get “when booking a year or even three years”, and it is the same as the renewal price that you will deal with after that.
4- The consumption of packages is limited by the number of visitors
With the same principle of transparency, packages at FastComet are limited to the number of monthly visitors.
And it is a factor that you can estimate yourself and not like the bandwidth. No one can be sure of the accuracy of the measurements or not.
Or at least you can’t be sure if you have already consumed it or if a software problem you have is the reason for this consumption.

5- FastComet hosting has the best technical support I have dealt with so far
With fastcomet .. I can say with confidence that technical support is the most important factor in the strength of this company.

When we evaluate the technical support of a company, we use some basic criteria such as: (the speed of response of the technical support employee, the method of dealing and talking with the customer, the speed of solving the problem and willingness to volunteer to solve problems that are not their responsibility)

FastComet has a full score in the technical support level

Chat or written chat is available on most pages, and the response is immediate.
The employees are treated professionally, courteous, and characterized by patience and understand that most of the customers do not have technical experience.

And more than once, the customer volunteers to perform a specific examination or procedure to diagnose or solve the problem, even though the problem is not related to the servers.

6- Daily backup within the cost of all shared hosting plans
Fastcomet provides free daily backups.

Unlike many competitors who provide backups every week or every 4 days and provide daily backups at an additional cost.
Fastcomet did not stop here, but rather added to the daily backup the service of saving backup copies on a different server for a period of 30 days.

7- Their FastComet servers do not sleep
In the FastComet review, the hosting has a 99.98% uninterrupted rate of service over the past two months.
And it is a number that makes it superior to most other companies, whose servers may suffer from some downtime between simple minutes to hours at times.

8- Cloudflare CDN service integrated in the control panel لوحة
fastcomet offers free CDN Cache service with all plans, and you can control it from within the hosting control panel.

Cloudflare makes copies of your website on different servers around the world.
The server closest to the visitor displays the site to achieve the best speed and performance for your site.

9- FastComet hosting offers a free transfer service for your site
Fastcomet hosting will handle the process of transferring 3 websites to their account for free upon booking the second or third package.

When we tried this service, the transfer process took place after less than an hour, and the work was completed to the fullest destination.

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